Woofs in the wood is a dog-walking and training service covering St. John’s Wood, Maida Vale, Primrose Hill & surrounding areas. We offer our love of dogs, flexibility and competitive rates to keep dogs in North West London tired and happy five days a week.


I grew up amongst cows, sheep and country sized dogs in Derbyshire. After spending a decade teaching in London primary schools I traded the classroom for the park and haven't looked back.

Being outside with the dogs is a truly wonderful experience, especially when we have the park to ourselves! If it's really cold you may even catch me wearing trousers..

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I am a  Londoner in London! I have grown up with dogs around me my whole life, and up until five years ago I wasn't lucky enough to own one: now I have two! Having grown up in a house of cat lovers, I was always the strange one who loved dogs!

Working with dogs is a dream come true: having come from an office & retail background, this job is like nothing I've ever done before. No two days are the same and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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I am a Kiwi living in London, I like to be outdoors despite the weather, and having companions to share my walks with is a huge bonus! My love of all things four legged started at a young age: My family owned a pet shop and I grew up surrounded by dogs, cats, rabbits and even peacocks.


As a teenager I worked at a marine zoo where I later became a trainer, working with dolphins, sea lions, fur seals and otters. 


My training philosophy stems from this work: I believe in positive re-enforcement techniques and calm, consistent behavioural management.


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I am a born Londoner, the rarest of breeds in this big city. Having grown up with dogs but alas unable to have a dog of my own currently, I was looking to fill the big pooch-shaped hole in my heart when I started with Woofs in the Wood.

I thrive in the outdoors (whatever the season) have a profound love of animals and like nothing more than going on a long old dog walk.

I am now covered in dogs and mud every day, which may be my best natural state and the perfect slice of sanity to big city living.



I am a born and bred Mancunian where I have lived my whole life as a cat person. I am also a ski person and on my second winter season in the French Alps I fatefully met Ralph and Zoe; this started my journey to becoming a dog person (I still like cats.)

London and a move away from the hospitality industry sounded like a great change of pace after University. So here I am making up for all those dog-less years with lots of running, playing and cuddling with dogs of all sizes and breeds, though big snow dog types that love the mountains like I do are my favourite.