walking policy

  • We are insured to walk up to 6 dogs at a time but generally dogs will be walked in groups of up to 4 in the Royal Parks and up to 5 in all other parks.


  • Dogs can be walked on or off lead, to be discussed during initial meeting. If you are happy for your dog to be walked off lead we will only do so once we are confident that he or she will remain under our safe control. We will require you to sign a form giving permission for your dog to be walked off lead.


  • Treats will occasionally be used to reward good behaviour during walks unless you request otherwise.


  • We do not charge to reserve your dog’s space on group walks. If you and your dog are going to be away, please provide as much notice as possible. 


  • If we are away, we will endeavour to organise another trusted walker for your dog and/or provide you with plenty of notice.


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